Bicycle rider-back playing cards are a popular deck of standard-sized playing card and are essential for any magician’s collection. These cards are great for practicing card tricks, sleight of hands, and they come in a wide range colors and designs. They are also suitable for hobbyists as well as professional performers.

The Bicycle card’s standard design is simple, but easily recognisable. It features an image of a cupid riding his bicycle in the middle of the deck. The design outside the picture is symmetrical. It features multiple hearts as well as curved plants.

This design has remained unchanged ever since the United States Playing Card Company began producing them in 1885. They are beloved by cardists and magicians because they keep their shape and feel after many hours of use.

While there are many different brands and styles of playing cards on the market, Bicycle is still one of the most popular and trusted in the industry. USPCC is known for their high quality products and excellent handling. They are the world’s leading supplier of playing cards.

There are some differences between the two brands, but they are not noticeable to most card-gamers or magicians. The most noticeable difference in the tuck boxes is the Rider Backs and Standard Bicycle cards design.

Rider Backs has a tuckbox that uses a subtle color scheme of blue and red, while Standard boxes use brighter shades of blue and red. The printed text and advertising copy differ between the two. Standard Bicycles have the “Free App” badge, while Rider Backs have a simple card design with a tuck case.

A slight, but important difference is the number and size of the cards. Rider Backs have 52 cards in a standard deck, while Rider Backs have slightly more cards. This can make a magician or cardist’s job more difficult, especially if they have to perform specific moves such as spreads and fans.

Rider Backs are more popular for casual playing and practicing sleight. Standard Bicycles are used by most magicians and cardists for performing and many other reasons.

Rider Backs are not easy to clean. Dirt and oils from your hands can get transferred onto the cards and affect their handling.

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to help keep your Rider Backs in pristine condition. First of all, it’s important to use a soft cloth or paper towel when cleaning them. You can also avoid using too much sandpaper or anything else that can scratch the cards.

In addition, it’s a good idea to replace your cards regularly with fresh ones. If you don’t do this, your cards will begin to lose their appearance and become less readable.

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