When playing poker games players will often be thinking about ways to gain an advantage over the other players. They might consider purchasing poker contact lenses, sunglasses, or any other gadget. But are they actually efficient?

The answer is no. They don’t, and they are not the magic wands you see in movies.

There are a lot of articles and man-made videos on the Internet that show contacts with X-rays, which can help you win poker games. This is fake news! There is still technology limit to X-ray contact, so it’s not very effective.

Other articles and videos also address the so-called luminous contact lens, which are supposed to help you see the invisible marks on poker cards. But these are not true either.

They can only be attached to the back of cards. They cannot be used with barcode decks and the poker analyzer or the infrared camera.

They are also good for cards that are marked with invisible ink markings. The marked cards that have invisible ink marks are processed with a personalized chemical potion (luminous ink). These devices for cheating in gambling are used to cheat in Texas Holdem, Omaha and blackjack and poker, Caribbean Stud, bridge and other games of cards.

Additionally, normal sunglasses and contacts cannot detect luminous lenses. It’s safe for everyone who has green eyes.

They won’t change your eyes ‘ color after you wear them for a long period of time. The normal contact lenses for poker are suitable for dark or black brown eyes. They will also change the colour of your eyes once wearing them.

In addition, you can wear them for other color eyes. It is recommended to soak them in the solution before you wear them.

They must be cleaned with mild soap prior to using them. After each use, wash them off with water. They won’t work effectively if they aren’t cleaned properly.

Another important thing is to keep your contact lenses for poker dry when you wear them. This will stop moisture from entering them, which can cause your eyes to become dry and even cause them to hurt.

It is recommended to wear the contact lenses for a short duration and then take them off. They shouldn’t be worn for too long because it could cause damage to your eyes. To keep them from falling, you should keep them in a protective case.

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