Poker players can cheat by using glasses that let them see through the cards. These glasses have red filters that can be used to see invisible luminous ink markings on the backs marked cards. These glasses can be worn as normal sunglasses in casinos. They can also be used for magic performances and other card tricks. They are the perfect choice for people who don’t want to wear contact lenses and need to see marked cards very clearly.

The lenses have an anti-reflective coating that helps reduce glare and improves contrast. This is especially important for people who have a hard time seeing at different distances, such as those with presbyopia. It’s important to wear the glasses comfortably to avoid eye strain. It can take some time for you to adjust to progressive lenses if this is your first time wearing them. You’ll have to train yourself to see through the correct part of the lens to perform each task. You may feel off-balance or have headaches.

The company’s website offers several convenient ways to select a frame. Virtual try-on features and personalized styling assistants are offered by most retailers to help you choose the perfect frame. You can use an online test chart for determining the level of magnifying power you need. Some sites allow you to submit a prescription and a receipt for reimbursement as if you were an out-of network provider.

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