Infrared-marked playing cards have invisible markings on the back. These markings are not visible to the naked eye. However, they can be seen with special glasses or contact lenses.

You can win at all poker games with infrared-marked cards. Copag cards can be used with infrared lenses and glowing glasses.

Infrared Ink

Infrared inks contain a special pigment that absorbs or reflects IR light. This makes it possible for the ink to be detected by a camera, or monitor that is sensitive to IR wavelengths. Infrared ink technology is utilized for security printing, including credit card and other transaction documents. This ink contains a mix of chemicals that are non-toxic to the environment and humans. The ink is also less tinted as compared to the other products and it meets the ISO/IEC 7810 transparency standard.

The invention described herein is an offset lithographic ink that prints cards using infrared wavelengths (up to 780 nm). Additionally the ink needs to be free of any contaminants such as volatile organic compounds, and must have mechanical, physical and chemical compatibility with other printer inks. The ink should also have an excellent extinction ratio for infrared absorption and low extinction ratio in the visible wavelength range.

Sandia scientists have developed a new type of ink which hides the image under normal light conditions but shows the image when exposed to light infrared. The invisible ink is seen by a long distance IR camera or monitor. If combined with a hidden camera as well as an analyzer, ink may be read to reveal a deck of cards that could be used to cheat poker games.

Infrared Contact Lenses

Infrared contact lenses are a kind of lens that enables the wearer to see light infrared. It is possible to select from a broad range of shades to find the right lens for you. Infrared contacts can be used to mark cards, and also help players play poker and other games more efficiently. It is recommended to play initially in a low-pressure environment prior to utilizing them in the casino. Infrared contacts may also make you feel uncomfortable if your not used to wearing contacts.

To mark a card using an infrared marking that is placed on the back. These markings can’t be seen with the naked eye, however they are detectable with cameras with infrared detectors. These devices can recognize any marks on a deck of playing cards, even ones that appear very thin. IR marked decks are easy to read, which is the reason that many professional gamblers as well as card sharks use these devices.

The lens electronics prototype uses off-the-shelf packaged components to show integrated battery power and wireless switching in a smart contact lenses. The resultant assembly is too bulky to fit within the eye, because the lens’s surface and the contour of the electronics device do not exactly meet at the edges.

Infrared camera lenses

Digital cameras are equipped with infrared lenses which detect infrared radiation. Infrared cameras are commonly referred to as thermal cameras or thermographs, and they are able to capture images which are not visible to the naked eye. IR lenses are also employed for surveillance cameras, and other applications that require capture of invisible information.

Infrared photography is used for many purposes for remote sensing, as well as for forensics. For instance, it could be used to discover the hidden world of objects and people that may otherwise be impossible to spot with a naked eyes. Infrared photography is also used to create distinctive photographic effects. For example, a green tree will look whiter in an IR photograph than in a visual image. This is due to the fact that the leaves are more able to absorb IR than the other colors of the spectrum.

IR images can also be used to uncover hidden information within documents. For instance, the secret security markings are visible on the back of a $5 bill. These holograms are not visible to the naked eye however they can be read and exposed using a special camera.

Silver halide emulsions do not detect wavelengths that are beyond blue or green light. However, certain digital cameras can be altered for infrared photography, by removing the blue and red channels from their Bayer filter. For a sharp infrared image, you need the use of a tripod as well as a narrow aperture such as f/8 or lower. Though larger apertures can make for sharper pictures however, diffraction is greater at infrared wavelengths.

Decks marked with Infrared Copag

Infrared Copag decks with markings are a form of poker card that is printed with invisible ink. The marks aren’t visible by naked eyes or IR contact lenses, but they are readable with a camera that is specially designed for this purpose. These cards can be very useful to players who wish to cheat at some game without being taken into custody. As opposed to other kinds of mark decks The Copag IR marked cards are very secure to utilize.

Infrared-cipher playing cards are dealt with using various techniques to make them appear as normal cards. They are marked with a pictogram or mini-digit and make it difficult for others to recognize them. They can be used for a variety of games including magicians, poker, and other shows.

They’re usually disguised as a cigarette case or car key to avoid suspicion from others. They can be used for many different games of poker such as magic shows and tricks. IR Copag cards are typically made of plastic, and can be utilized with infrared contacts lenses or luminescent ink sunglasses.

Copag barcode cards are like IR Copag cards. However they are marked with invisible marks on them which can only be read with a scanner or poker analyzer. These cards are very popular with poker clubs and casino players, but can also be used in home games and tournaments.

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