Chip Tray Poker Scanner Cheat for the Dealer’s Poker Analayzer

Chip tray poker scanner is one of the poker scanners which can be installed in the chip tray. It is widely used in casinos all over the world.

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Brand GS Color Black, Half-transparent
Origin Guangzhou, China Scanning Range 8-15cm, 20-40cm
Mode 100chips, 350chips, 500 chips Material Plastic
Function Reading Invisible Bar code Cheat Deck Packing durable hard storage case


Poker chip tray in casinos

Has anyone ever been to a casino? Did you notice the chip tray on the table with all of its chips? It’s a common sight. A chip tray holds and separates different chip values for use during play. This is the same tray used in casinos. The tray is designed to hold up to two hundred, three-hundred, or five-hundred poker chips. This is required in casinos. It is possible to install a scanner for poker inside. Other poker players are unlikely to discover you.

What is the purpose and function of a poker chip tray scanner

In a game you might need the following devices: poker scanners, poker analysers, phones that can receive data and images, or wireless earpieces. Both devices must work together to play the game. Nevertheless, they only work with cards marked on the back. The invisible barcode is not visible to the naked eye. To get a favour, you need a special poker scanner. A poker scanner will read the invisible code in a game of poker and relay the information to a poker analyst.

How can I implement a scanning

You can start the game by using a barcode deck. Place your chip tray on the table and the scanner will read the invisible marks and send them to the poker analyser. The poker analyzer then analyses the image of barcodes automatically. The poker analyzer will tell you in a second who the top player is and how they rank. It is easy to find out the results.
The chip tray can help you win more money when you play Texas Hold’em, OMAHA or other games.