Contact Lenses Marked ASS Altenburger Romme Cards

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Marking Patterns Main Features Suitable Game
A big font in the middle Long durability Texas Holdem
Four small fonts on the corner Water-proof markings 4-card omaha
Customized one Fair price 5-card omaha

You may not be aware of the benefits of Ass ASS Altenburger Romme marked cards. You may not have ever thought that poker tricks could be so good!
Although these cards are common in certain European countries, particularly in Germany, that doesn’t mean you can’t use them if you come from another country. You can use any brand of cards in your game, unless it has a restriction. You need marked cards that are very good. Therefore, I recommend that you use marked cards to cheat.
It is made of paper, but its surface feels like plastic. The surface will remain the same after processing. You don’t need to worry that these marked cards are going to wear out soon. Contact lenses marked Altenburger Romme Ass ASS cards are perfect for clarity. Wearing a pair marked playing cards contact lens is also essential. Cheating contacts will show the back markings (suit and number) on the cards with perfect clarity.
You may not have realized the importance of cheating devices in poker games if you did not use this marked cards poker. Our products will be a real eye-opener for any magician or poker player. Why not try our high quality, but low priced marked Ass ASS Altenburger Romme Cards?