Copag 4 Color Marked Deck for Invisible Ink Contact Lenses

Copag 4 Color marked deck is specialized with invisible ink, so we can’t see the marks with naked eyes. Only when we wear special devices, can we see those invisible marks. These marked cards are suitable for magic shows, casino game and private gathering.

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Included 52 cards + 2 jokers Material 100% plastic
Index 4 Jumbo PIPs Origin Brazil
Cards size 63.5 x 88.9 mm (2.5″ x 3.5″) Color red, blue


The Copag 4 Color Marked Deck is made from imported Brazilian cards. The manufacturer of the cards has been making playing cards for over a hundred years and is well-known all over. The quality is therefore guaranteed. The cards are 100% plastic. This makes them durable, waterproof and easy to deal. This is an excellent choice for amateurs as well as professionals.
The Copag 4-Color marked deck and the Copag 4-Corner Jumbo Index deck are similar. The back pattern is identical. On Copag 4 Color Deck, however, the suits have different colors. This design is extremely convenient for gambling. Even if the players only see the numbers, they can still tell the suit.
We mark Copag 4-Color Deck with invisible ink at the back to help players perform well in poker. The numbers and suits are also marked. This way we can tell the value of the cards even when they are face down.

There are three common ways to mark the marks:

  1. large fonts in middle
  2. Small fonts at 4 corners.
  3. Tiny fonts on White Boarder.

We also offer a customized service to better satisfy the needs of our players. You can create your own marks. Not all designs can be marked. We need to discuss and negotiate the best solution for you. Only infrared lenses and sunglasses will help you to see invisible marks, no matter which marks you choose.

After we mark the cards, Copag 4 Color will be repacked as the original cards. When you take these cards to poker game or magic shows, no one will know they are marked. So there is a tip: ” Don’t mix unopened marked cards with normal poker cards”. Otherwise, you will also be confused.
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