Cup Scanner for Casino Dice Cheating

  • Product Information
  • Size: Different Sizes Available
  • Material: Ceramics
  • Application: Magic / Casino Cheating
  • Teaching Mode: Video Instruction
  • Delivery Time: 7-10 Working Days

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Today, paranormal abilities such as perspective are possible. It is possible with the rapid development of technology. You will find that our advanced cup scanner is your most powerful weapon when it comes to gambling. The next step is to show you the details of this attractive device.
The secret battery is hidden in the bottom of the cup and can last up to 2-3 hours. You can use a charger to charge the cup when there is no power. This cup is made of ceramics which are comfortable and durable. You can customize the size according to your needs. The bottom can be made into a cup or bottom.
What are the benefits of cup scanners in gambling
You will win the game if you know the number of dices ahead of time. With our cup scanner, you can see right through the cup. On the phone, you will see a clear picture of the dice. It is something that players have been curious about for a long period of time. Its hidden appearance is similar to ordinary cups. No one will be able to discover your mystery and you can enjoy it with no worries. We can also scan your cup or glass with a secret scanner.

How to use the perspective cup scanner
This cup scanner must be used with a remote control (phone) and monitor. Press the switch on your remote control first to turn the cup scanner on. Next, check that your monitor (phone is still functioning). Keep the distance between your monitor (phone), and the cup scanner, at 5 meters. The closer you are to the scanner, the more clear the image will be. You may be wondering how you can know the result while playing multiple games at once. This cheating device can only be used by one person. Now is the time to ask your partner for assistance. Find an honest partner, and have him use a wireless headset to tell you how many dices there are.