Gambler Card Holdout – Exchange the Playing Cards Silently

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Name Gambler Card Holdout Game Texas holdem, Omaha, Blackjack, Baccarat
Brand GS Color Black, Silver
Origin Guangzhou, China Material Metal / Plastic / Leather
Design Wallet, Cellphone, Sleeve Hand, T-shirt Accessories Charger
Function Exchange the playing cards automatically Packing durable hard storage case

Common senses shows us the gambler cards holdout is used for exchanging the playing cards. Why this device be invented Its all credit to economy growth that people has more time and money to pursue the possibility on spirit. It was invented for enriching amateur life. As it is normally used for magic trick or for poker game.
There is a small electric equipment hidden inside. It can be installed inside the power case, hang bag, shirt, wallet, sleeve, cellphone like iPhone, Samsung. The objects are daily necessities, which means people cannot tell the different from the surface. This device is specially designed to facilitate the swap of playing cards. When the device sensor receive the poker signal around, it will replace the cards itself. No extra button or remote, it is very simple to operate by one’s own.
There are some advantages for using this device.
Magician hidden a gambler holdout device on arm and with his flexible hands movement, an Damiond 3 can be replaced with a Spade A within 1 second. The whole processes for exchanging cards is stunning quickly and silently, it is hardly being detected by others.
Using this device, no need to worry about the marked deck be detected by the UV light, cause it is made for the regular playing cards. This is the most simple and cheap way to cheat at poker games using our casino cheating devices. When playing Texas Hold’em, Omaha or Blackjack, players can prepare some cards which may need after, like A or K. When the chance comes, just move the cards slightly and this poker cheat device will replace the cards automatically.
Throw away the infrared contact lenses and marked cards, arm yourself with the gambler cards holdout. No matter the magic trick or poker game, you will get fun from it. This exchanging card device would help you become the master on the poker.