High quality Fournier 2800 Marked Poker Deck for Sale

Fournier 2800 marked poker cards can help poker players see their opponents’ cards. And then, they can calculate out who will be the winner in advance. That’s a big advantage for them when they make the bet each round.

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Color red&blue Index Jumbo index
Origin Spain Card size 63.5 x 88.9 mm (2.5″ x 3.5″)
Material 100% plastic Included 52 cards + 2 jokers

Fournier poker decks with 2800 markings are Spanish. Fournier is well-known in Europe. These are used widely in European casinos. Fournier belongs to USPCC. In 1986, the two companies merged in order to become absolute world leaders. Fournier poker cards with invisible markings are created from original cards. So, the quality is guaranteed. Cards look exactly the same as before the marking. You can see the invisible markings only with specialized equipment (like contact lenses and glasses). On the outside you will not see any difference between the regular cards and the Fournier cards because we are repackaging the cards. Fournier cards use a special seal. It is very easy to damage the seal when you open a box. We will do our best not to damage the sealing. In preparation, open the Fournier poker decks marked with 2800 and use them for gambling. This will reduce the suspicion of people that these cards are marked. Fournier 2800 marked poker cards will perform exceptionally well when you play. You will be able to know ahead of time what the value is of your opponent’s cards thanks to the invisible marks on the back. So, you will know the best bet to place. Our marked cards are safe and very handy! Fournier 2800 marked cards and Fournier mark 2500 cards are very similar. They may have slight differences in their packaging, but they are the same on the inside! If you want to buy these cards, pay attention to the details. This is an image of the two cards. You can easily tell the difference. You can contact me to learn more about Fournier’s 2800-marked poker deck.