Piatnik Luminous Ink Trick Playing Cards For Casino Gamblers

Piatnik luminous marked cards are originally imported from Piatnik company, which has a high popularity in European, especially in Italy. Piatnik is the largest Austrian game publisher and leading European supplier of playing cards. Most of high grad raw materials from Vienna local suppliers.

Product Description:

  • Model NO.:MPC00070
  • Marking Brand: GS
  • Function: Magic Trick, Gamble Cheat
  • Certificate:CPSIA, CE-EN 71
  • MOQ: 1 Deck

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2.6 x 0.08 x 3.06 inches




durable tuck box


Playing card board

A deck of cards usually contains 52 cards plus 3 jokers, so totaling 55 cards. If you wear the special poker cards contacts or glasses, the markings will be visible on the back of the card. With your naked eye, you can’t see the markings.

The marking is based on the number and suit of the card. You can win the game if you know the value of each poker card.

We have marked Piatnik cards today for many traditional games such as cribbage and bezique, bridge, poker, rummy. This can be used as a fun activity, educational tool or gift.