PK KING S708 Poker Cheat Analyzer with Winner Detector Software

Product Description:

  • Name: PK KING Poker Cheat Analyzer
  • Brand: GS
  • Made in Guangzhou, China
  • Mode/Design: PK 518,PK608, PK618, PK708, PK718
  • Function: Detect the Winner of the Poker Game
  • Game: Texas holdem, Omaha, Blackjack, Baccrate
  • Scanning Range: 20-80cm
  • Material: Metal

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You can use the PK King S708 as a poker analyzer to detect cheats. Poker is a combination of chance and strategic elements. Utilizing different mathematical to improve opponents. PK KING Poker Analyzer is a computer software installed in the mobile phone that will use the scanning lens to read information and detect barcodes on poker cards. Then, you can predict the result in advance. Make good use of the information and you will be able to calculate the odds.
The scanning lens location varies between phones. Some phones place the camera at the volume control, while other devices put it in the headphones jack. The appearance of the camera does not reveal its presence.
The phone is also a standard phone that can be used for phone calls, online chats and to take pictures. Its core functions are unaffected.
With PK KING’s poker cheat analyzer at your disposal, you can make informed decisions.