Playing Card Wallet Reader with Wide Scanning Range to Marked Cards

Product Description:

  • Mode/Design: Optional
  • Function: Reading Invisible Barcode Cheat Deck
  • Scanning Range: 8-15cm, 20-40cm, 40-60cm, 60-80cm
  • Material: Leather
  • Packing: durable hard storage case

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A wallet cheating gambling scanner camera can help poker players win more easily. A wallet is not only a place to store money, credit cards and coins but it can also serve as a scanner lens. The scanning lenses are fixed in the wallets. They can be completely hidden and will not be found by others. The poker camera is a great item to have with you. The scanning distance is typically 20-40 cm. The distance of the wallet camera can be tailored to your requirements, for example 20-30 cm.
You can use this cheating reader to find out the poker player’s rank or who won. Press the button to turn the camera off when your poker game is over. The wallet cards cheating read becomes an ordinary purse.