Poker Cheating Sunglasses That Can See Through Playing Cards

Poker Cheating sunglasses are well known as the anti poker cheating device for poker games or magic tool for the magic show.
Poker sunglasses, also called as marked playing cards sunglasses. It is a pair of glasses made with high quality material and processed by special sensitive material coating. The special coating firmed as a filter, which can filter some kind of light wave.
It is like an imaging agent which absorbs or alters external electromagnetism to help human eyes reading something unable to see regularly.

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Poker Cheating Glasses for Sale

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Origin China
Material Metal
Package Glasses box
Application Reading invisible ink markings
Manufacturer GS Golden Sunshine


Reasons to choose cheating sunglasses:

  1. The poker sunglasses will enhance your coolness with their simple and fashionable style.
  2. This can be used to help hide your emotion and make it harder for the opponent to read your expressions.
  3. There are many colors to choose from, such as blue, brown, silver, yellow, and purple.
  4. Poker cheating glass that can clearly detect invisible ink marks.
  5. The poker sunglasses look the same as any other pair of sunglasses. The sunglasses are difficult to find by others.
  6. You can become a poker pro with the aid of cheating sunglasses.


How to cheat at poker with sunglasses

It is easy to use a set of marked card glasses. When wearing sunglasses, place them in front and then look at the backs.

What can I do using the luminous readers?

The luminous glasses reader is used for reading the ink marks on playing cards. Poker players refer to it as a luminous glass reader. It is an anti-cheating device that can be used in a practical way. The coating of the sunglasses absorbs UV and infrared pens, allowing the poker player to read invisible marks. You could use it in magic shows to do some tricks.

Can transparent glasses detect marked cards?

Transparent glasses cannot read anything marked on cards. Our stylish poker cheating sunnies can read the marked cards perfectly.

Does anyone else notice when you wear sunglasses?

No, they are not. They look exactly the same. Wearing sunglasses is normal in a casino. The flawless appearance of our sunglasses ensures that you are able to read the cards safely.