Power Case Mini Cards Cheating Camera Spy the Winner

Power case cards cheating camera, the newest poker cheating scanning device which not only has the original function of charging for smart Phone but also scan the bar code marked playing cards.

Product Description:

  • Name: Power Bank Poker Scanning Camera
  • Brand: GS
  • Made in Guangzhou, China
  • Mode/Design: Optional
  • Function: Reading Invisilbe Barcode Cheat Deck

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Color Black, White, Silver, Gold, Availability In stock
Scanning Range 8-15cm, 20-40cm Fast shipping way FedEx & DHL & TNT: 2 to 3 days
Material Plastic / Metal Economy shipping way China Post, 2 – 4 weeks
Packing durable hard plastic storage case Returns Customer Design, No Returns


What is the power case gambling cheat scan HTML0?

It is a simple power case. The mode can be chosen to suit different smartphones like Huawei, Samsung and iPhone. The smooth finish gives it an elegant appearance. The back of the case has a 6000mAh lithium rechargeable battery. The powercase allows you to charge your smartphone anywhere and anytime. The powercase has an extendable kickstand at the back that allows you to watch movies or make Facetime calls while not having to hold your device.
The technician who specializes in cheating devices inserted the high-speed mini smart scanning camera into the case. This gave the power case an entirely new meaning. It can detect an invisible bar code deck. This is a very important step for the winner’s reporting. You cannot see the camera on the outside of the powercase, and neither can uninformed people.

How to cheat with power case cards

Firstly, we must make sure that the power case has been fully charged.
A hidden switch will control the power of your camera. Next, we will turn on the hidden power case camera.
Place the powercase on top of the poker table and allow it to maintain a distance between the deck and the case.
The poker card analyzer will receive the information wirelessly as the poker scanner scans the barcode and reads the number and suit information.
The result of the analysis can be received through mini-earpieces.
High speed camera mode allows the entire process from scanning to reporting results to take less than one second.
Custom design is available for the power case cards cheating cameras to work with different modes of the poker analyzer calculator. This would be a great tool for Texas Hold’em or Omaha games.