Red and Blue Speedreader Ultimate Marked Cards Poker for Poker Gambling

Key Advantages of Speedreader Ultimate Marked Cards:

  • Dealers Grip
  • Right Hand Overhand Grip
  • Riffling for a Spectator Peek
  • Easy to locate and decode the marks
  • Suitable for all poker games and magic shows

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poker size poker games red western union
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The Speedreader marked decks are marked in the upper right corner (and lower left). The Speedreader cards are marked at the exact opposite corner, upper right (and lower left). Players can quickly read the marks to determine each card’s suit and number. The GT Speedreader cards are a new and innovative version of Ted Lesley’s classic concept. They were designed as a prop to show how spectators and performers actually look at cards. The Speedreader system conceals marks on the cards when they are spread out, making readings fast and efficient.
You’ll adapt almost immediately to the GT Speedreader if you are used to using standard marked decks. The GT Speedreader system is intuitively more natural and easier to read than standard marked decks.