Royal Invisible Ink Marked Playing Cards for Infrared Contact Lenses

Product Information:

  • Marking Brand: GS Marking
  • Function: Magic Shows and Poker Games
  • Certificate:CPSIA, CE-EN 71
  • MOQ: 10 deck
  • Payment: Western Union, Moneygram, T/T
  • Shipping Ways: Fedex, DHL and TNT

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Poker games

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Payment Method

Western Union


Many poker players enjoy playing with Royal invisible ink marked cards for infrared contacts lenses. Royal poker cards, as we all know, are very popular among poker players because of their anti-curling and durable plastic.

They are praised for their excellent qualities that never change even after many hundreds of dealing, shuffling and playing. Our company uses these cards to process into Royal marked cards in order to meet the different requirements of our clients.

Royal invisible ink marked cards have a unique marking. Royal poker cards are 100% plastic and are therefore durable, washable and very playable. These cards are perfect for players who play poker often and need a flexible, marked plastic deck.

What’s the difference? On the surface, there is no difference. These cards are marked with a high-quality invisible ink. Only by wearing quality IR lenses or perspective glasses can you see the mark on the card. These decks of marked cards are durable and clear. We will customize the markings of marked cards according to your reasonable requests. You don’t have to worry about other people seeing the trick because of our technology.