Contact lenses marked Left and Right

Standard soft contact lenses do not have any markings to indicate which lens is left or right. This is mainly because these types contact lenses hug the eyeball the same on both sides. You may need different corrections on each eye if you wear prescription contact lenses. Also, the left and rights contact lenses may feel different or need to be switched depending on your lens type.

It is important for those who wear specialty contact lenses to establish a routine that ensures the correct contact lens is placed in the right eye. This can be as simple as always putting the right contact lens in the top of your contact lens case and ensuring that you start with the right eye every time you put on your contact lenses. Additionally, some custom soft and scleral contact lenses come with diagnostic markings which help you to identify the correct orientation of the lens. A “left” scleral contact lens is marked with two dots, and a “right”, is sometimes tinted in blue.

It is a good idea, if you wear coloured contacts, to also keep in mind your pupil’s colour and shape. This will help you easily tell the difference between your contacts if you have a pair of colours that look similar. Lastly, if you wear contact lenses with a prescription you will likely have your prescription written out on your contact lens box. This will include the base curvature, diameter, power or sphere, and then additional figures such as Cylinder, Axis, and Addition for presbyopia correction.

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