The CVK 500 device is a phone-based cheating device for gambling that is able to scan invisible bar-code markings that are visible on marked cards. It is a cheating device that can be used in a variety of poker games, including Texas Holdem and Omaha 4 Cards and Omaha 5 Cards.

Scanner Camera Lens

The scanner camera lens can scan marked cards and provide results for cards in a matter of minutes. It works with all types of poker games such as Teen Patti, Khich Patta and Mang-Patti.

The analyzer cvk500 comes with high-definition image recognition software, which increases the accuracy of image recognition. This helps the analyzer report game results faster, accurately and stably. It also comes with two original video image transmission functions which include a 2-4G digital and one-to-one digital transmission feature.

This device can be used to monitor on marked playing cards at tables of poker. It is compatible with all types of wireless scanning cameras. The scanner camera can scan all of the marked cards and report the information to the user via a wireless earpiece. It is easy to use and accessible by anyone.

Wallet Camera

The cvk 500 has many cool features that includes two cameras for scanning that are located right in the middle of your wallet. The icing on the cake is that they’re completely concealed, so you can carry them around without being questioned. They can be concealed in a belt or put in your pocket.

Two cameras are always in use so that you can switch them on and off quickly. This allows you to have a better read if you have to scan more cards. The Cvk 500 is able to read barcode marked cards from as close as 24cm to 48cm and the camera can be set to scan either left to right or top to bottom. It requires some technical expertise to make it work but the product will be worth it.

Car Key Marked Card Scanner Device

If you’re looking for an efficient poker cheating device that can help you win your game of poker then look no further than the car key marked cards scanner device of the CVK 500 device. This device is compatible with the most recent generation of AKK or CVK mobile analyzers and will help you increase your winning chances.

It is a high-tech device which uses an electron poker camera lens to scan barcode-marked cards. The information scanned is sent to the poker analyzer, which tells you who has won the hand. It takes just 0.3 seconds for the analyzer to calculate the winning hand, which is very fast when as compared to reading a traditional poker card.

This device features an electron poker camera lens as well as a micro camera. It can also be customized to have different scanning distances. It can be utilized with a variety of poker analyzers, such as AKK, CVK, PK King and others.

Mobile Power Bank Cheating Cards Scanner Device

The CVK 500 device can be described as an electronic cheating cards scanner for mobile devices which looks like a normal smart phone. It can be used to call, message, internet surf and for many other purposes. It also has the capability to scan the hidden barcodes of marked playing cards with clarity and quickly, allowing you to win at poker games.

It’s made up of two miniature scanners which are connected to the power bank. This makes it very difficult for anyone to believe it’s a ploy to cheat. It will scan your opponent’s cards and relay the information to you through an earpiece wireless. It looks like the real power bank.

This power bank camera is a 2020 top external camera for a variety of poker analyzers, since its speed and scanning distance are superior to other power banks. It can be used in numerous situations, including Texas Holdem and Omaha, as well as Baccarat.

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