Marked cards are an important part of the arsenal for card magicians. They can be utilized in many different ways and can enhance the effectiveness of tricks.

But it’s important to choose the right one for your needs. Ideally the markings should be easy to read, without being too obvious, and should look like a normal deck.

Marked decks with Reader Systems

A marked deck is an amazing tool that magicians and mentalists can use to perform feats they would not otherwise be able to. These secrets, which are embedded on the back of cards, allow magicians and mentalists to perform seemingly impossible feats without learning any complicated moves.

Some of these markings can be found on the back of a card, while others appear in the design. Some of these systems can be read easily, while others may require some skill.

Marked decks that have reader systems are a great option for magicians who want to perform routines where the cards can’t be easily checked by spectators. These systems are a great choice for performers with poor vision or who need glasses.

This marked deck is produced by Cartamundi, and it uses a unique marking system that even trained magicians won’t be able to detect. The deck’s design is similar Cartamundi Copag decks. It comes with a video and a key card.

Marked decks with coded systems

A marked deck can be a powerful tool for magicians, allowing them to perform card trick that would otherwise not be possible. It is also a great way to make existing tricks stronger, without the need for complicated moves that can take time and practice to master.

Marked cards come in many different forms. They can be marked with reader systems, or they can be marked using coded systems. Reader systems are generally easier to read than codes systems.

The only Achilles’ heel is that a marked deck of cards won’t do miracles all by itself. You’ll need to come up with clever card tricks to entertain your audience and make them forget your secret weapon.

You can purchase marked decks from a variety of sources. Some of them are produced by renowned brands like Ellusionist or Phoenix. These decks are designed with easy reading in mind, and they’re visually stunning to look at.

Marked decks with easy-to-read markings

There are many different ways to use a marked deck of cards. Some are simple to perform, while others require a bit more skill and misdirection.

Marked decks can be used to perform miracles that you simply cannot accomplish with an ordinary deck. They can also be used to add extra pizazz to your card magic routines.

The most common type is the reader system. This uses secret marks to indicate each card’s value and suit. These markings are usually hidden in the back design of the deck, and a spectator does not need to have special equipment to read them.

Another type of marked deck is a coded system, which uses codes or clues to tell the value and suit of each card. These types of markings, while not as easy as those found on reader systems, do allow you identify the card quickly.

Marked decks which are easy to hide

Marked cards are a very popular tool among magicians and mentalists. They allow you to do things such as perform magic with the cards or make a prediction about the suit and value of a card. They are also useful for a variety of other purposes.

One of the best ways to use a marked deck is to keep it secret from your audience. This is a great idea for magicians who want to keep their skills up-to-date, and it’s also a good way to avoid being accused of cheating by the spectators.

The best decks to use for a hidden card trick are the ones that have a unique back design. This is important because it will make the markings stand out from the rest of the cards. If you’re not sure of the card’s identity, this will make it easier for you to read it. The deck will also be harder to switch. This is the reason why some people like to purchase decks from a reputable dealer.

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