A poker card reader is a special camera which can read the barcodes of playing cards at a distance. It can be used for all types of poker games. A poker card scanner‘s main function is to send information about marked playing cards to an analyzer. The analyzer will then announce the first- and second-hand winners of the poker game in 0.03 seconds. This is a new cheating device which can be used to cheat in many gambling games.

It can also be used in other card games such as Texas Holdem. It can scan the marks on the back of cards and send this information to an analyzer. This makes it possible to know who will win in the poker game. This device is extremely useful and easy-to-use.

The latest phone poker analyser can read marks on cards remotely at high speed and accuracy. The outer casing of the phone is made from IR-passband plastic that allows IR light through. The IR LEDs illuminate the deck, revealing its hidden markings. These are shown on the image as black spots. The phone’s camera detects these markings and transmits them to the analyzer, which interprets the suit and value of the card.

Our company produces several different types of poker cards scanners, such as chip tray scanning cameras and power banks scanning cameras. Compared with the traditional wireless scanning camera, these can read the mark on the cards even when they are moving. These are very popular with dealers in casinos and other gambling places.

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