Fournier 2500 Casino Gambling Cheating Poker

Product Description:

  • Made in Italy
  • Marking Brand: GS
  • Back: Red / Blue
  • Size: Poker (2.5″ X 3.5″)
  • Index (PIP size): 2 PIP available
  • Material: 1. Classic Air- Cushion Finish for ease of shuffling and optimum performance, 2. 100 % plastic playing cards

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Fournier’s 2500 marked cards: The advantages

Fournier 2500 Casino Gambling Cheating Poker is manufactured by professional technicians with special knowledge in this field. The popularity of the Fournier 2500 is based on its high quality, safety, and durability. Playing cheating poker cards can increase your chance of winning in gambling. Fournier casino gambling cheating cards are just like other playing cards and can be used by magicians, poker players and even families. Fournier 2500 casino gambling cheating poker is the best card cheating device available. It uses advanced technology, and has different treatments to cater for the needs of poker players. Fournier casino cheating gambling poker 2500 has different markings. Here are the specifics of each. 1. Fournier 2500 Contact Lenses Marked Cards
Contact lenses marked cards mark all cards with luminous markers. Water-proof. If you use poker contact lenses or sunglasses, then the markings on your cards will be visible. Infrared contact lens or special glasses will allow you to see the markings. The other person cannot see any marks without the lenses. It’s possible to choose between a large font at the center and four smaller fonts in the corners.
2. Fournier 2500 Barcode Marked Cards
Our technicians will mark the playing cards on all four sides. Our professional technicians will mark the Fournier Casino 2500 Poker Cards for use in poker scanning system. The marks can only be detected by a poker analyzer. Poker analyzers are able to scan marked cards, and can know the results instantly. They will help you gain a significant advantage.