Copag 1546 with Invisible Ink Markings in Different Versions

The Copag 1546 series of marked playing cards are among the best cheating marked cards and our company’s best-selling products.

Based on the excellent plastic material of Copag playing cards, whether it is the Brazilian version of Baralho Copag Class 1546 or the Belgian version, it can be processed into invisible ink marked cards.

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Belgium-made Copag 1546 Marked Cards

These Copag 1546 cards marked with invisible ink are made in Belgium and have a superior quality. They are protected in a plastic case and are 100% plastic. They come in two colors, but you can choose from blue and red or gold and black. You can also pick between orange and brown and poker size. All of the Copag 1546 cheating cards, in any size and color are good quality.


Invisible Ink Baralho Copag Class 1546

Copag Class is divided into six series: Natural, Vanguard Legacy, Modern Standard 1546. Each series has a unique back design. The Class Series marked cards are distinguished by their elegant design and durability. You will love the smooth and extraordinary feeling.
Copag Class 1546 ink-marked cards have jumbo indexes on the corners and are bridge size. These cards are marked by a special invisible ink print on the back of the card. You may want to buy “ink” and mark the cards yourself. To get a quality deck of Copag Class cheating cards, our technicians need to use the most advanced machines and delicate techniques. The luminous ink markings are invisible to players without the device. You need special lenses or contacts to be able to see them. You can win games easily if you know the exact value of each card.


What kind of invisible ink marked cards will meet your needs?

We offer different kinds of cards marked with invisible ink to suit the needs of various customers. Copag 1546 can have invisible ink printed on the back and can also be marked with barcodes on the side.


Learn how to read these marked cards in Poker Games

Infrared lenses or perspective lenses can be used with marked cards to make them visible. Infrared glasses or contact lenses can help you see the invisible marks on the backs of cards.
A barcode-marked deck can be used with a poker analysis system. This method is ideal for players who are looking to receive the results of their game immediately. This device requires a number of devices including a poker scanner, a poker scan camera, and mini earpiece.


How to Recognize the Marks on Back of Marked Cards

You can see the pattern clearly on the backs of cards when you wear glasses or contact lenses. This allows you to react quickly. Marking cards can be done in a variety of styles. Use the upper and lower bar to represent the club. The simple number can be used for the spade. You can choose the marks arbitrarily, or customize them according to your needs. Choose marked cards that are a different color from the mark color to make it easier to see the marks. You can control the game by keeping in mind the hint provided by the marks.


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