High Quality Da Vinci Invisible Marked Poker for Cards Cheating

Da Vinci marked poker is made of 100% plastic and very suitable to mark. With the great help of marked poker cards, you can have more odds to win games.

Product Properties:

  • Brand: Da Vinci Playing Cards
  • Made in Italy
  • Mode/Design: Ruote
  • Material: 100% Plastic
  • Marking Method: Scanning Barcode, Lenses Markings, Infrared Camera Markings

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Marking Patterns Big font in the middle, Four small fonts on the corner, Mark on the four white borders, Customized form
Size Poker (2.5″ X 3.5″) / Bridge (2.25″ x 3.5″)
Payment Western Union, Bank Transfer
Shipping FedEx, DHL, EMS, UPS

Everyone has heard Da Vinci Poker. You don’t need to be concerned about the quality of poker cards. People buy poker cards so that they can play and win games with good cards. Winning games isn’t easy. If you pay more, then you’ll get more. Let me explain how marked cards can help you. Marking is key to marked poker cards.

What is Da Vinci marked Poker Card?

Da Vinci marked cards are created from Da Vinci cards, which are manufactured and designed by Modiano. This company is known for their high-quality. Our technicians have spent years researching the power of invisible ink. In a very short time, we can process playing cards using special invisible ink. Da Vinci Poker Cards are 100% plastic so the ink can last much longer on them than it would on paper. Da Vinci cards marked with invisible ink will be the best choice for you.

Da Vinci contact lenses marked cards

Da Vinci marked cards offer 4 different ways to mark their backs so that infrared lenses can see the invisible ink marks. Invisble ink marked cards are the name of these marked cheating poker cards.
Da Vinci marked cards: Marking patterns

  • First, a large number is marked in the middle of the decks. The suits will be shown by special symbols. The numbers and suits are large and clearly visible. Poker is a great game for you. The mark will be visible. The small number and the suit will make it impossible to miss.
  • The luminous marks are placed on all four corners of the second type. The marks are smaller compared to the ones on the first types. It is safer, but it’s harder to detect.
  • Mark the fourth border. The luminous markings will be small. Dealers can use this one because the invisible markings are too small for them to see clearly at a distance. Dealers can also closely observe the marked cards.
  • Last one is a customized one. We can also customize the markings if you do not like any of the three options. Da Vinci marked cards are plastic marked playing cards that are ideal for ink markings.


Da Vinci invisible ink marked cards for poker analyzer

To make the poker analyzer work for poker cheating we mark decks of cards with barcodes. The back decks and the barcode decks are completely different. The bar code is printed on all four edges of the cards in these barcode decks. Infrared lenses cannot be used by the players to detect barcodes. Poker cheating cameras and analyzers are required to use the code invisible ink cards. The analyzer will determine the winners after the camera scans code. The result can be heard through the earpiece in less than a second.