Long Distance Wall Picture Scanning Camera

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  • Brand: GS
  • Function: Scanning Camera
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This long-distance wall picture scanning system, which is also called a wireless poker analysis system, has undergone a major upgrade in terms of two factors: scanning speed and scanning distance. Check out this industry. It is by far the fastest, longest-distance and best-quality camera.
No1 (Scanning Speed)
Power bank cameras are a great way to increase the scanning speed. While many casinos and poker halls prohibit any items on the tables, including phones, power banks, wallets, and other things. In order to scan the cards with a scanner, you will need to use another device. More and more people are using it. The older generation of camera has an obvious drawback: not working fast enough.
In response to this need, our technicians upgrade and adopt the newest lenses. It was added a wide angle long focal lens to enable it to still be able read barcode marked decks in low lighting conditions. The long distance scanning wall camera can scan up to 30 cards per second.
NO2 Scanning Distance
A dealer would be required if you used the older camera generation because the dealer moved the cards too fast to capture the marked card image. With the long distance wall image scanning camera, cards can be scanned in a wide-angle scan distance. The distance between marked cards to the wall picture scanner is approximately 2.3m. The cards can be moved about 30cm forward and back and about 20cm left and right.
The importance of this scanning distance to the player It is not only that the dealer deals cards much quicker and is more skilled, but also because it would seem strange and suspicious if the cards were kept at the same spot for a very long time. To use the older generation of camera, you must have perfect cooperation with the dealer. With the upgraded scanning systems, your partner and you will have a much easier time dealing with this.