Modiano Texas Holdem Plastic Luminous Ink Marked Playing Cards

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Brand: Modiano Playing Cards
Marking Process invisible ink
Origin Italy
Color red / blue
Size Poker (2.5″ X 3.5″) / Bridge (2.25″ x 3.5″)
Material Plastic-coated Paper ; 100 % plastic playing cards

Modiano luminous-ink marked cards are marked playing cards that have invisible ink. Modiano has developed many playing card modes. These include Texas Holdem (also known as Cristallo), Jumbo Bike (also known as Napoletane), Piatnik, Golden Trophy (also called Poker Index), Da Vinci (also known by the code N98), Super Fiori, and Poker Index. The cheating deck can be marked on most of the modes with luminous ink. The invisible ink can be adjusted proportionally by a highly-skilled technician. The deck will appear brand new to the naked eye, as they are unable read anything on their surface.
Everyone knows that poker is an age-old game. We had a great time and made many memories. Modiano is the person to give credit. They are one of the oldest brands of playing cards and they have a great value. Plastic Modiano cards have stylish patterns and beautiful designs. It combine elegance, class, exceptional details. These are popular and high-quality products.
The paper or plastic coated materials are also used. It is used widely in casinos and for personal entertainment. It can be used for many different games, such as Texas Hold’em and OMAHA. We can easily mark Modiano marked playing cards with luminous markers using the latest technology. Plastic material cards are easier to clean than paper cards and do not bend as easily.

Wearing a perspective sunglass is the most thrilling way to move. Magic glasses help reveal the Modiano deck’s secret veil. It’s as simple as eating lunch.
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