PVC Juego Texas Professional Invisible Ink Cheating Playing Poker

Product Description:

  • Jumbo index playing cards, casino quality.
  • The cards are made from durable 100% plastic.
  • Playing cards size 63 x 88 mm
  • Delivery time; 1-3 working days

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Juego Texas marked poker is of casino quality which is made of durable 100% plastic. Its size is 63 x 88 mm with jumbo index. We mark the Juego plastic cards by using special invisible ink and printed machine. Then add an extra layer of water-proof coated paint to protect the markings. For preventing fading and keeping a longer service life. Juego plastic cards also can be processed as barcode marked cards, which is scanned by poker hand analyzer and poker cheating scanner.
The usage of how to see the markings is very easy. Just wear the specialized contact or sunglasses, you will see them clear. This deck of Juego Texas cheating poker will make a great addition to your poker games with family and friends.