Red & Blue Royal Best Marked Deck for UV Lenses and Infrared cheat Camera

Product Description:

  • Brand: Royal Playing Cards
  • Made in Taiwan
  • Mode/Design: Plastic
  • Invisible Marking Brand: GS
  • Marking Method: Scanning Barcode, Lenses Marking, Infrared Camera Mark, Ultimate Mark
  • Back: Red / Blue
  • Size: Bridge (2.25″ X 3.5″)
  • Index: Standard Index /Jumbo Face
  • Material: 100 % plastic playing cards

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Packing 1 deck / plastic case
Availability In stock
Fast shipping way FedEx & DHL & TNT: 2 to 3 days
Economy shipping way China Post, 2 – 4 weeks


Royal Best marked deck is one of oldest brands available on the plastic deck market. This deck has great value. Numerous poker players love it for its smooth feel. It is also washable, resistant to bending, and durable. Generally, a standard card deck will last longer. Poker cards made from 100% plastic are easy to handle.
We use the most advanced printing machine to process invisible ink on the backs of Royal marked cards. The marks can be completely hidden from our eyes. To read the marks, you need to use special glasses like infrared contacts or sunglasses.
Royal best marked deck of cards suitable for most poker games around the world, magic show, gatherings and parties. Our marked cards will make you have a lot of fun.