Fournier 818 Invisible Ink Marked Poker Cards for Cheat

Product Description:

  • Model NO.MPC00079
  • Brand: Fournier 818
  • Marking Brand: GS
  • Function: Magic Cheat Trick
  • Delivery time: 1-3 days
  • Durability: one year in a sealed condition


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Why Fournier 818 invisible mark cards are so popular in poker

The cheat is considered to be one of the best poker tricks. The cheats can be used in many different poker games around the world. Our company’s reputation and position in the industry is also a factor.

How long do Fournier 818 marked Cards last

We have a professional marking machine, and technicians with experience. Our invisible ink printed marked cards are able to be used for about six months, which is three times longer than other companies. Our product is more cost-effective, even though it costs a bit more than the other companies. Most poker players around the globe are attracted to our cheating products, particularly marked cards.

What are the shipping options ?

We can deliver all poker cheating devices to any country in the world. Fedex and DHL are the two fastest ways to ship for international logistics companies. We have a long-term relationship with DHL and Fedex. We can deliver the package anywhere. You will receive the package within 3-7 days.

Why choose our company for marked cards ?

In stock are a large number of Fournier playing cards 818 imported from Spain. These cards are the same as originals, even though they have been marked. The 818 marked cards with the back marks are ideal if you have cheating glasses or contact lenses. The 818 marked cards with side codes are the best if you have a poker scanner or analyzer. The Fournier 818 invisible poker cards marked with side code will meet all your requirements, no matter what device you have or if it is the first time you use this device.