Modiano Jumbo Bike Marked Poker Cards for 3 Reading Systems

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Modiano Jumbo Bike Marked Cards for Perspective Glasses

Invisible luminous ink would be used to mark the back of each card (number, suit). In order to mark Modiano Jumbo Bike, our technicians will pick two marking patterns. One is a large font at the center of the card and the other four are small fonts placed on the corners. As long as you can provide the necessary details, the pattern that suits your needs is available. Poker cheating sungalsses and infrared lens can help you detect the cards.

Modiano Jumbo Bike equipped with a Marked-Deck Scanning System

Barcodes are printed on four sides. By scanning each code, the poker analyzer will be able to tell you the poker results no matter which poker game is played within 0.1 sec. So accurate and quick that it ensures your victory.

Modiano Jumbo Bike for IR System

Modiano Jumbo Bike marked IR poker cards are the next best thing to those marked cards. Poker players praise its existence for its superior safety. These cards can be only read by the one-to-1 cheating camera. They are totally invisible to our eyes, lenses, sunglasses, poker scanners and even our own. Please contact me for more information about how the system works.
The above three options are available if Modiano Jumbo Bike cards is what you need. The decision is yours. Modiano Jumbo poker marked cards are a great option, so long as you want to win!