The World of Poker Cheating devices Unveiled

Since the infamous Mike Postle scandal, which tarnished high-stakes players’ reputations, there has never been such controversy in the game. The worst is yet to come, as Bryn Kenney has been accused of unethical conduct in a high-profile cash game online.

Kenney’s alleged unethical behavior allegedly took place in a GGPoker 6 Max Turbos and HypersSNG, but it is unclear what exactly he did. He has been accused of ‘cheating’ and peeking at the cards of his opponent.

According to the article, he used a phone equipped with an infrared (IR) camera that can read markings on a card’s surface. The device creates black spots on the four edges of a card. These spots can be interpreted as a card’s value and suit. The information is then transmitted to a nearby receiver, which can decipher the signal and inform the player of the card’s identity.

The article explains how the device can be tampered in various ways. You can, for instance, use a phone that can detect IR beams emitted and disable the device’s reading capabilities. It is possible to jam the signals or use a less sensitive lens. It is even suggested that casino-floor cameras could be modified to screen for IR light, which would make it difficult for cheaters to hide the IR lights from surveillance cameras.

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