When people refer to poker cheat devices, they are usually referring to a collection of technical gambling cheating instruments, such as marked playing cards, infrared lenses, poker scanning camera, etc. All of these items can be used to win more money in different games. However, the poker analyzer is the most important. This is a special type of phone that can be used to scan the barcode marked decks and tell you the winning hand instantly via invisible earpiece. It works well in Texas Holdem, Omaha and other card games including Rhonda and Blackjack.

The device looks and works like a regular smartphone, even using popular apps. But its gimmick is that it is loaded with a poker scanning camera that can read the barcode marked decks and quickly send that data to an analyzer inside the device. The device will then tell the user what they should do next.

Some cheaters go one step further. While the analyzer will tell a player whom to raise or call, others choose to take it a little farther. They will “muck” a card or cards in their hand so that when they deal, they can switch the top, bottom, or other position for the right one to help their hand or hurt an opponent’s. This method is called “seconds dealing” and can be performed alone or with a confederate.

While many of these techniques can be detected by a skilled player, the high-end devices are a real thing and comprise a lucrative and organized black market. Bursztein claims that anonymous sources have told him that such devices are used in Las Vegas casinos. To thwart them, he suggests modifying casino-floor cameras to be sensitive to infrared light.

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