Baccarat Game Cheating with Mirror Transparent Dealing Shoe

Product Description:

  • Name: Transparent Baccarat Cheating Shoe
  • Made in Guangzhou, China
  • Mode/Design: Optional
  • Function: Reading Clean and Regular Deck
  • Color: Transparent
  • Material: Plastic

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Cheating in baccarat is possible with mirror-transparent dealing shoes. This allows the player to see what card will be dealt first. How does this work? What would you need to do if you wanted to apply it in the games Here’s a few details.
This Baccarat cheating tool is different from the others because it’s so clean that you won’t be suspicious. Firstly, it’s important to know that “mirror”, is the word above the hole of the dealing shoe. We called it “mirror”, but in reality, it’s a prism. If the dealer holds up a card and looks at the prism, it will show him or her the exact card. For this device to work, you must practice until it becomes second nature. The reason is that it takes a lot of practice to be able identify the card within a very brief time using such a small mirrored. However, practice makes perfect.
Knowing how things work will help you to know what’s important. There are two important things to remember: the dealer as your partner and practicing. Remember that as a supplier, a detailed video instruction will be a great help. You can always contact me with any question or concern you may have about this device.
Never underestimate the advantage that this device can bring. If you are playing Baccarat, knowing the first hand would be a big advantage. You can predict the outcome of the game by predicting the banker’s or the player’s winning card. The key to your success is in your hands.