Modiano No.98 Invisible Ink Marked Cards for Contact Lenses

Modiano No.98 invisible ink marked cards are good tools for poker tricks. In gambling, you can see the marks on Modiano No.98 cards. So it is easy to predict who is the winner in each round.

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Included double decks Origin Italy
Index 4 regular pips Material 100% plastic
Size poker size Card Games Omaha, Texas Hold’em, Blackjack and Baccarat…


Modiano No.98 invisible-ink marked cards are popular across Europe. The cards can be used for magic shows as well as poker. The decks marked Modiano No.98 are made in our factory from original imported cards. Modiano cards can be thicker. Some players find thin cards too weak and hard to control. Modiano would be a good choice for such players. Modiano No.98 has single packs and also double packs. Single pack comes in poker and bridge sizes. All four models feature jumbo-sized indexes. Modiano No.98 dual packs are only available on our site. Please make sure you check the sizes before you purchase.
Modiano No.98 invisible-ink marked cards are suitable for many poker games. The cards will look like any other card, and no one will know that they are marked. Modiano No.98 marked card and original cards can be mixed together without revealing which one is marked. With invisible ink contacts, you can only see marks on the cards when they are opened.
Follow my instructions. Watch me demonstrate how marked cards are used. Preparing the Modiano No.98 poker deck and special contact lenses (or glasses) is the first step. These lenses are indispensable. It is important to switch normal cards for marked cards prior to gambling. This is an important step. You will lose everything if you don’t have marked cards. If you’ve changed cards successfully, it is important to wear contact lenses prior to gambling. After that, the dealer/you will have to open the cards package in front of everyone. Most people will not be aware that marked cards are still sealed in the original packaging. It will reduce the suspicion of many people. The final step is simple. You have to figure out who has the highest hand each round. Even if you cannot win, it is possible to make a bet that will result in a lower loss.
The tutorial on cards marked with invisible ink is over. Contact me on Whatsapp and E-mail for more information.